The finest American made Gensets. Lowest O+M on the market

We proudly custom design and engineer the world's very best low cost, high efficient on-site self generation and distributed electric power generation stations.


We are a single source power generation solutions provider, which means that we can not only design your next power generation station, we can also package power generation equipment, supply the balance of power generation station equipment and install your power generation station for you.


We also provide parts and service and operating consumables required to support the continued operation and maintenance of your installed power generation station. We can also provide extended operations and maintenance services as requested.     


If you need an on-site electric power generation station or a distributed power generation station, we can design the perfect installed solution with no design fees or upfront cost required.  We will simply work with you to gather the required technical information and create the perfect engineered solution. We offer you a power generation equipment package perfectly matched for the power production and operating requirements of the power station location and operating environment.   


We will also offer you any installation services required tailored to your request which means either a turn-key approach or any portions of the installation tasks required.   


If you simply have a need to purchase a power generator or multiple units, provide us the kilowatt or megawatt size, fuel type and rpm of the unit you prefer using, send us an email using the form below and we will provide you with a detailed quotation. 



Production facilities consist of a wide range of specialized Departments and Services including Custom Generator Set Packaging, Engine/Generator and Power Plant Controls Packaging, and Various Equipment Refurbishing Services including Updating Engines, Generators or Auxiliary Equipment & Controls, and Remanufacturing and or Rebuild Services .

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Genertek Production Facility in Mulberry Florida

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Genertek Production Facility in Mulberry Florida