The EMD 645 and 710 2 cycle engines provide remarkable performance in harsh and challenging environments. When we decided to build a truly mobile but heavy duty base load generator set, we chose the only medium speed engine that has proven it's durability and it's reliability in more critical power applications worldwide than any other medium speed engine ever invented. This engine has the highest horsepower to weight ratio of any medium speed engine in the world, which makes it perfect for mobile or stationary utility grade power.

With over 70 years of history and over 65,000 installations, it is clear that these engines have the longest history of reliable and efficient operation in the most challenging environments. These rugged and durable engines are particularly well suited for critical power supply applications in the locomotive, industrial, and distributed power generation markets.

Our engine generator sets can also be used for standby and peaking service with an operating cost per kW lower than any other engine on the market. So why would you ever consider using a high speed engine driven generator set for critical supply power again?

The use of this remarkable lightweight high horsepower engine provides GPI a unique opportunity to present a completely new concept in a portable, self-contained generation equipment package making it easy to locate a base load power plant anywhere in the world.


When it comes to maintenance and operating costs, the most important advantage is that our medium speed diesel engines will last THREE TIMES as long between major overhauls, and a remarkable EIGHT TIMES longer between scheduled maintenance and are TWO TIMES cheaper to operate on a per kilowatt-hour basis compared to high-speed diesels.

For instance, the typical maintenance cycle for our EMD diesel engines running in continuous operation is 30,000-40,000 hours between overhauls!

Our total average cost for both the cost of consumables and the cost of major overhauls over a 35,000 hour period of operation is less than one half of one cent per kW/hr! Note that this includes the cost to overhaul the unit at 35,000 hours of operation, all required maintenance AND all operating consumables used during the entire 35,000 hour maintenance cycle.

These units have an availability rate of 97% which means that you will spend only 3% of the year (or just 10.95 days) performing scheduled maintenance on the unit. The comparison between our units vs high speed engine equipment shows exceptional savings on operating cost.

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