The Control System 2100 is a predictive and pre-emptive real time continuous controls and monitoring system that provides unmatched protection of engine/generator operating systems and provides a master power plant control system with full function remote controls and monitoring of the entire power plant operating systems.

This is not your standard OEM alarm panel. We have incorporated over 30 years of generation equipment manufacturing and in field operations experience into the operating philosophy of the Control System 2100. The system is intentionally designed to offer the most advanced protection of generation equipment operating in the real world reality of remote and harsh duty operating environments.

The system 2100 is designed to provide maximum protection that is better than having the most experienced mechanical and electrical technician sitting next to the unit 24 hours a day. This is because they cannot see inside the unit 24 hours a day. The System 2100 does. We install continuous monitoring devices at critical places in the engine, generator and switchgear that are continuously monitored and analyzed.


The “Predictive” and Preventative features of the system are the key to increased reliability of the generation equipment not found in typical OEM controls/alarm systems. You receive more run time with less unnecessary wear and tear on the engine due to excessive running of the equipment in less than peak operating condition, which is typical with standard alarms/controls systems.

The Control System 2100 continuously trends and analyzes operating conditions of the generation equipment and alarms the operator of any pending abnormalities in the engine, generator, auxiliaries and associated electrical operating systems that require attention and correction - prior to becoming a major failure and preventing possible major damages.

Once an abnormality has been identified, the system offers the operator a list possible causes for the abnormality or abnormalities that the operator can inspect which are the typical causes for the abnormalities. The system then suggest various measures to correct the abnormalities once the cause has been confirmed by the operator.

If the abnormality of the alarm is not an emergency shutdown event, then control System will estimate the remaining run time allowed before the unit will force a shut off the unit to protect it from possible major damage. In most cases, this feature allows the operator to schedule a shutdown of the equipment in an organized manner in order to make the repair/s, instead of experiencing a forced outage which can be costly.

This feature provides real dollar saving value in several ways. First, it prevents the cost of major damage. This means that major cost in materials and labor to effect major repairs are avoided. Second, the unit downtime is reduced. This means that kW production revenue receives maximum protection.

A good example of how this works is as follows; Let's say that you are operating a 2.5 MW Unit at 2300 kW and that it has been running at that load for an hour. Then all of a sudden the control system issues an alarm. It explains to you that over the last hour cylinder number 9 has reduced in cylinder temperature 50 degrees. It also tells you that the estimated time to forced shutdown is 2 hours if the present temperature reduction continues. At this point the alarm system will send out a notification to all personnel that are on the list who want to know of such alarms.

This allows the operator to schedule the shutdown and possibly raise the output of other units as this unit is being reduced in output and shut down.

It will then tell the operator to go to an Abnormality Correction Page on the touch screen or the power plant control monitor in the control house, or at any office where the screen can be accessed. It will tell the operator to check for the most likely possible causes in order.

Once the operator has confirmed the problem, the Control System will provide a list tools required to effect the repairs and step by instructions on how to make the repairs, and a list of the required replacement parts with part numbers and associated materials required complete to the repairs.


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